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Saratoga Learning Center’s mission is to energize students with custom tutorial regimes designed to unleash their true academic potential and skill.

This is accomplished through the use of study skills, time management skills, positive attitude and use of strategies to enhance learning.

The implementation of our academic approach empower students and most importantly, develop life-long skill sets and attitudes for success in and outside academia.

Competitively priced and we offer flexible payment plans so everyone can reach their full potential.

SusanKileyOwner Profile

Susan Kiley


Master of Science in Education, College of Saint Rose
Bachelor of Science, Fairleigh Dickinson University


Permanent Certification in Special Education
Certification for Teaching

 Teaching Experience:

Adult Literacy teacher for reading, writing, and math
Special Education teacher in public and private schools

Saratoga is pleased to announce that Dr. Beth  A. Costine-Bartel, Ph.D will be operating out of the Saratoga Learning Center’s office.  She will be assisting students who want to pursue medical and graduate school preparation.

Dr. Costine-Bartel will cover the following topics:

-building your resume- observerships vs. internships vs. real jobs vs. clubs etc..

-Options for when to take your MCAT’s/gap year (s)/ post- baccalaureate programs.

-Requesting and earning a great letter of recommendation.

-How to get the most out of your internship.

-Strategies to obtaining an MD or PhD for free

-Insight into the lifestyles of practicing different types of medicine

-When to declare your interest in a speciality

-Alternative careers

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