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We were struggling with school and called Saratoga Learning Center and they couldn’t have been more helpful. They went above and beyond to meet our needs. We were able to meet in person which during the school year was so important for my sons’ learning process. Flexible schedules and always able to meet even at the last minute when a test was coming or a paper was due. My sons actually looked forward to going to the Center and found learning fun again. Thank you all at the Center for getting us through, we look forward to working with you next school year.  –Nicole Lamotta


I am so grateful to Susan Kiley, owner of Saratoga Learning Center, for the work she has done with my granddaughter! Like many, Bonnie’s 1st grade learning experience was cut short by the virus and, although she graduated to 2nd grade we were concerned about her scholastic readiness. Thankfully, Susan was able to fully assess Bonnie’s strengths and weaknesses and determine where work was needed for Bonnie to be completely ready for 2nd grade. Susan is a kind and compassionate educator and Bonnie felt immediately at ease with her. Bonnie works with Susan every week and looks forward to her time at Saratoga Learning Center. The resources and advice that our family has received from Saratoga Learning Center has been priceless and we know that the confidence and skills that Susan is teaching will have positive results for many years to come! Our community is enriched and strengthened by having Mrs. Kiley and the professionals at Saratoga Learning Center available for our children’s educational needs. Remember to support local! – Sharie Walerstein

The mission says it all, our children have been tutored though-out high school for both math and sciences successfully. As they move onto college the learning center has been there to support SAT preparation as well as college entrance essay guidance. -Anton Lopresti


I wanted to give you a new update on Ryann. Our daughter received weekly reading tutoring through Saratoga Learning Center during her 5th grade year and the summer before 6th grade. I am so very pleased to report that Ryann had a phenomenal school year, achieving high honors in 3 of the 4 quarters, received numerous highest quarterly average awards in various subjects through the year, was recognized with the end of year scholarship award, a citizenship award and is in the accelerated Math track for 2018-2019. We are so very thankful for Saratoga Learning Center! You partnered us with a marvelous tutor for our daughter and helped her work through minor struggles that may have otherwise prevented the success and blossoming we saw this year. Thank You, Thank you! We will see you in the future for her academic needs should they arise.”

– Anne Marie & David Soltis


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience in working with Lou for Algebra 1.  We had worked with other tutors throughout the school year, and did not see any solid results.  In the short time my son was working with Lou, his grades went up along with his  grades went up along with his understanding of the subject. His fourth quarter grade was his highest of the year.  He passed the Regents with an 81. We are so happy to have met Lou and certainly plan to use him for all of our math needs as we move through the high school.  Lou really got through to him.  He was great both professionally and personally.  Lou has a obvious enthusiasm for the subject and genuinely cares about his students.  He even reached out to congratulate Abe on his results. Thank you again an HAPPY SUMMER!

-Jessica Arceri


Hi Susan,
I spoke with Lou this morning and he will do an online tutoring session with Evan this evening.
On another note I wanted to mention to you that Evan’s math is now 97! This has been since he’s been tutoring with Lou. So without tutoring, his math average had been 70’s-mid 80’s. Although that might be acceptable to some, Even is capable of doing better, and he knows it. With tutoring until now it had been 90-93 average. Now with Lou it is up to a whopping 97!
Most importantly, this high math average gives Evan a tremendous amount of confidence, not only in math, but in school overall and personally. He understands the value of high honor roll grades and is striving for a high level profession. He has talked about the FBI and becoming a neurosurgeon in particular. I’m trying hard to keep him focused on these goals.
We have been very happy with Lou and SLC, and feel both are fostering a very productive environment for Evan’s success.
Thank you so much,
Elizabeth A. Page
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